INFINITI Back-up Collision Intervention

"It's just one of many 'tomorrow's technologies' that Infiniti is proud to lead the industry on today, and one of the many ways Infiniti sees the world differently."
 - Ben Poore, Infiniti Americas Vice President

Back-Up Collision Intervention

When backing up, Backup Collision Intervention helps the driver detect crossing traffic as well as large stationery objects behind the vehicle. The system alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings as well as pushing back on the accelerator pedal. If necessary, the brakes will engage momentarily to help avoid a collision.

How it works:

Backup Collision Intervention uses the rear sonar sensors and the same radar sensors as the Blind  Spot Warning and Intervention systems.

When in reverse, if the sensors detect approaching cross-traffic or large objects behind the vehicle, the driver will hear an audible alert, and if a vehicle is crossing behind, will see a flashing light near the ouside mirror on the side where the traffic is coming from.

As the approaching vehicle gets closer, the driver will see a red frame on the center dash screen as an additional warning and hear three beeps, and if the driver's foot is on the acceleartor pedal, will feel the system push back on the accelerator pedal.

If necessary, the system engages the brakes momentarily to help avoid a collision.


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