INFINITI Blind Spot Warning and Intervention

 "Infiniti brings this technology to market first, not only offering a warning if you're drifting from your lane or about to hit a car in your blind spot, but actually engaging the brakes on the opposite side of the car to pull you back into your lane." -

Enhanced Confidence with Guiding Technology

Blind Spot Warning helps alert drivers if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot area. Blind Spot Intervention assists the driver in returning the vehicle toward the center of the travel lane using the Vehicle Dynamic Control system.

How it works:

Blind Spot Warning illuminates an indicator light near the A-pillar if another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area. The indicator light is illuminated on the same side of the vehicle as the vehicle detected in the adjacent lane. If the driver then uses the turn signal, the indicator starts flashing and the system sounds an audible warning.

If the vehicle gets close to the lane marker while another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, Blind Spot Intervention flashes the indicator near the A-pillar and sounds an audicle warning, and the Vehicle Dybamic Control system applies braking to one side of the vehicle to help the driver bring the vehicle back toward the center of the drving lane. (if the vehicle is equipped with Direct Adaptive Steering, that system is used to slightly turn the wheels instead of braking.) Blind Spot Interventions operates regardless of turn signal usage.



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