INFINITI Intelligent Cruise Control

Intelligent Cruise Control (Full Speed Range)

Conventional cruise control allows you to set a specific cruising speed to help reduce your driving workload. Steering-wheel-mounted controls are used to set a single speed and resume that speed as necessary.

Intelligent Cruise Control automatically adjusts your vehicle's speed according to the flow of traffic, allowing the vehicle to maintain a consistent following distance even when the speed of traffic varies.

Full-Speed Range functionality allows intelligent Cruise Control to operate from 0 to 90 mph.

How it works:

When activated, a sensor measures the distance to a vehicle ahead. The system controls the throttle and brake actuators to help maintain a pre-selected distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of it. 

If the distance lessens between vehicles, the intelligent Cruise Control system may automatically decelerate the vehicle to maintain the required distance between vehicles. As the distance increases, the speed of the vehicle can also increase until your pre-selected speed and/or distance are reached. If no preceding vehicle is detected, Intelligent Cruise Control operates as a conventional cruise control system and maintains the preset speed.


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