INFINITI Intelligent Key

It Gives You Personalized Service

As Infiniti vehicles have become even more sophisticated, so have the capabilities of the Infiniti Intelligent Key.
All current Infiniti vehicles come with Infiniti Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition. This popular convenience and security feature allows users to lock and unlock the vehicle and start and stop the engine without having to use a key or keyfob, plus much more.

Intelligent Key personalizes:

  • Steering wheel
  • Side mirrors
  • Climate settings
  • Stereo presets
  • Navigation
  • Drive modes
  • Driving aids
  • Display screen
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Intelligent Key personalizes:

  •  Steering wheel
  • Side mirror
  • Climate settings
  •  Stereo presets
  •  Navigation
  • Drive modes
  • Driving aids
  • Display screen
How It Works

The basic component of the Infiniti Intelligent Key is a small fob, the size of a keyless remote, with a built-in transponder. As users approach the vehicle, the Intelligent Key communicates with the locking system so that when they touch the door handle button on a front door, the trunk lid, or the liftgate, it unlocks that door. Touching the door handle button also unlocks the fuel-filler door. Touching the button a second time unlocks all the doors.

The request switch can open a front door or all doors.

Once inside the vehicle, the Intelligent Key communicates with the ignition system so drivers can start the engine by simply pressing the brake pedal and pushing the Start/Stop button.

Inside the Intelligent Key fob is a thin metal key blade that slides out to unlock the driver's door in an emergency or to lock the glove compartment and trunk pass-through when leaving the vehicle with a valet. It cannot be used to start the engine.

The key blade can be used to unlock the driver's door in an emergency, but it cannot start the engine.

Remote Keyless Entry Functions
The Intelligent Key incorporates all the typical remote keyless entry functions. Depending on the vehicle, they can include:
  • Lock and unlock the driver's door
  • Lock and unlock all doors, including the fuel-filler door, and trunk or liftgate.
  • Lower the front windows
  • Lower all the windows
  • Activate the courtesy and interior lights
  • Open and close the power liftgate
  • Open the trunk
  • Activate the panic alarm
  • Activate/deactivate the Vehicle Security System

Low-Battery Operation
Like any remote, the Intelligent Key fob contains a small battery. If users find that they must be less than two feet from the vehicle for the Intelligent Key to work, the battery should be replaced.

Even if the Intelligent Key battery is almost discharged, however, the engine can still be started. There are two different ways depending on the vehicle.

For Q60 Convertible, Q60 Coupe, QX50, and QX70, insert the Intelligent Key fob into the key port on the lower left dash panel. Then start the engine.
For Q50, Q70, QX60, and QX80, touch the ignition (Start/Stop) button with the Intelligent Key fob. You'll hear a chime. Within 10 seconds, push the ignition button while depressing the brake pedal to start the engine.

Fail-Safe Functions
Several functions help prevent users from locking themselves out, leaving the engine running, or forgetting to lock the doors:

The anti-lockout function prevents doors from being locked from outside the vehicle if the Intelligent Key is inside the passenger compartment. If you leave the keyfob inside the vehicle and try to lock the doors, you'll hear a chime, and the doors will automatically unlock. Likewise, if the Intelligent Key is left in the trunk, you'll hear a chime and the trunk will automatically open.
If you leave the vehicle without turning the engine or ignition Off, you'll get an audible warning. The system will also alert you if you try to leave the vehicle when it's not in Park.
The auto relock function automatically relocks all doors after 1 minute if the unlock button is pushed but no door is opened. This helps prevent leaving the vehicle unlocked if the unlock button is pushed unintentionally.

The anti-lockout function won't let users lock their Intelligent Key in the vehicle.

Automatic Drive Positioner (2-driver memory)
All Infiniti vehicles are available with 2-driver memory. The position for the driver's seat, steering column, and outside mirrors can be stored in the Automatic Drive Positioner memory. These settings can then be linked to individual Intelligent Keys by pressing the unlock button on the keyfob after setting the positions. Q50 has an available 4-driver memory system within the Infiniti InTuition? system.

Settings can be linked to individual Intelligent Keys.

When users turn off the engine, the driver's seat, steering column, and outside mirror positions are automatically remembered. When an Intelligent Key is used to unlock the vehicle, the linked settings of that Intelligent Key are recalled.

Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory
Q50, Q70, and QX60 are available with Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory, which allows each keyfob to be programmed to activate additional personal settings when unlocking the vehicle, including the HVAC system, audio system, and navigation system. Q50 adds the ability to personalize dynamic settings as well with Infiniti InTuition.

For Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory, all Intelligent Keys for a vehicle must be linked to a memory for any of them to activate HVAC, audio, and navigation settings. In addition, the vehicle must be unlocked using the programmed Intelligent Key.

If the vehicle is entered without pressing the driver's door handle request switch or UNLOCK on the Intelligent Key, and the engine is started, all Intelligent Key presets will load except the memory settings for the driver's seat, steering column, and mirror position.

Press the appropriate memory button on the door panel to recover those settings.

When more than one programmed Intelligent Key is inside the vehicle, the vehicle will maintain the Intelligent Key presets of the last Intelligent Key recognized.

Welcome Lighting
The Infiniti Intelligent Key can turn on courtesy lights and/or interior lights when the user approaches the vehicle. Welcome lighting functions vary by model and trim level. Refer to Section 3 of each vehicle's owner's manual for specific operating instructions.

One of Intelligent Key's unexpected conveniences is the ability to automatically turn on courtesy lights.

Unlock-by-touch is standard on Q50. It enhances the convenience of Intelligent Key by eliminating the need to press a request switch when unlocking the driver or front-passenger door. Instead, users can simply slide their hand inside the door handle to unlock that door if a registered Intelligent Key is within range. Pressing the request switch then unlocks all the doors. To lock the doors, simply touch any outside request switch once.

Remote Engine Start
Remote Engine Start is available on select models. It allows users to start the vehicle remotely to warm or cool the interior prior to driving. When activated using the Intelligent Key, the engine will run for 10 minutes, and the running time can be extended an additional 10 minutes. The Intelligent Key also can be used to turn the engine off.

Remote Engine Start activates the climate control system as well as the vehicle.

Starting the engine before entering the vehicle also initiates the climate control system. The system retains the temperature, fan speed, and air circulation mode settings from the last time the engine was turned off to create a comfortable environment before entering.

The parking lights will also turn on when the engine is started. They will turn off when the Remote Engine Start mode ends or when the vehicle START button is pressed.

Infiniti InTuition?
Infiniti InTuition is exclusive to Q50. It allows up to four drivers to customize and save personal settings that can be linked to an Intelligent Key. Your personal settings are stored in a User Profile memory. Settings include:

  • Position of the driver's seat, steering column, and outside mirrors
  • Climate control preferences
  • Audio preferences
  • Navigation system settings (if equipped)
  • Driver Assistance settings (Blind Spot Warning and Intervention, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, etc. - if equipped)
  • Dynamic settings (engine and transmission drive mode, and Direct Adaptive Steering? steering effort and response - if equipped)

For Q50 owners, Infiniti InTuition expands the personalization of the Intelligent Key.

When you enter the vehicle and turn the ignition On, the Welcome screen tells you which user profile is active.
On that same screen, you can select a different profile.
The settings for the user profile selected are retrieved - except the drive mode.
The drive mode always defaults to Standard when the engine is turned off. However, you can save the drive mode you use most often to your Personal mode settings. To retrieve the personal drive mode, press the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector switch and select Personal mode. Your personal drive mode settings are activated.

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