INFINITI Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Anticipate the Road Ahead

This world's first system warns the driver of risks that may be obscured from the driver's view. It can not only sense the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle directly ahead, but also of a vehicle travelling in front of the preceding one.

Forward Emergency Braking with Predictive Forward Collision Warning

?Forward Emergency Braking and Predictive Forward Collision Warning are more advanced versions of Intelligent Brake Assist and Forward Collision Warning.
Forward Emergency Collision Warning can "see" two vehicles ahead.
If there is a sudden braking of a second vehicle traveling in front of the vehicle immediately ahead of you, you will receive audible and visual warnings, and the vehicle will begin braking if necessary. 

How it works:

Forward Emergency Braking and Predictive Forward Collision Warning use a sensor located behind the front bumber to measure to measure the distance to the vehicle immediately ahead in the travel lane and to any second vehicle traveling ahead of it. The system can help alert you to a potential risk of a forward collision via a warning tone, an icon in the instrument cluste, and the accelerator pedal "pushing back" against your foot.

If you release the accelerator pedal, Forward Emergency Braking applies partial braking. If you take no additional braking action, the system issues a second audible and visual warning and applies harder braking, and can help stop the vehicle or reduce its speed. If Forward Emergency Braking has stopped the vehicle, it will remain at a standstill for approximately 2 seconds before the brakes are released.

The Automatic braking will cease if you turn the steering wheel as far as necessary to avoid a collision, if you continue to press the accelerator pedal (overriding the system), or when there is no longer a vehicle detected ahead of the vehicle in front of you. 


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