INFINITI QX60 vs. Acura MDX exterior appearance.

The INFINITI QX60 and Acura MDX look similar on paper, but there are several areas where the QX60 rises above. Here are some detailed examples as to why you would be happier overall with the INFINITI QX60.

Third Row Access

The QX60 offers more leg room than the MDX in all three rows. It also includes INFINITI's innovative second row slider, which provides easy access to the third row even with a car seat in place!

INFINITI QX60 thrid row access can be achieved even with a child seat in place.

More personalized entertainment experience.

The QX60 offers the best in class entertainment. The available INFINITI Theater system includes two 8-inch screens mounted in the front seat headrest that can play videos independently from USB, front DVD player, and an external video AUX input. The system also includes two wireless headphones, and a remote control. The MDX offers 2 screens, but they're smaller and side-by-side in the middle, which can be distracting for those trying to watch one of the screens. Also, having the screens in the headrest frees up ceiling space for a beautiful panoramic moonroof that is available for second and third row passengers on the QX60.

The INFINITI QX60 offers a more personalized theater experience than the Acura MDX with a 7-inch screen mounted in each front headrest rather than on the ceiling and in the middle.

Don't just watch the car directly in front of you, watch the car in front of that one.

The INFINITI QX60's exclusive Predictive Forward Collision Warning scans the road two vehicles ahead and will alert you of any sudden changes. This gives you time to react even before the vehicle in front of you does.

INFINITI QX60 Predictive Forward Collision Warning System scans two cars ahead.

Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection

Both the QX60 and the MDX feature a multi-camera view system, but the QX60's camera system is enhanced with the intelligence to detect objects all around the vehicle as you're in reverse or going forward. Under 5mph, the QX60 will automatically show the front and side cameras on the screen if it senses you approaching an object. There's even a camera button that will show the cameras on demand and it's very intuitive switching between the different camera angles as well.

INFINITI QX60 Around-view Monitor with Moving Object Detection vs the Acura MDX Surround View Monitor.

Backup Collision Intervention

This safety system helps detect potential collisions with approaching vehicles and large stationary objects while backing up and alerts the driver with visual and audible alerts. If necessary, BCI goes further by automatically engaging the brakes to help avoid a collision.

INFINITI QX60 Backup Collision Intervention will stop the car if an object is detected within the predicted path of the vehicle while in reverse.

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