A better way is here, Lanphere

Buying a new car should be one of the best days of your life. At Beaverton INFINITI, it is. Our business is uniquely designed to match the way our customers like to shop and buy. You’ll work with one dedicated sales consultant from start to finish, and get one low price—our lowest—upfront, so there’s never any back and forth. It’s a better way to buy a new car.

One Consultant

From drive up to delivery, you’ll only work with one person: an extremely helpful and knowledgeable sales consultant. You won’t get handed off to multiple managers or even a finance person, because we train our sales consultants to do everything themselves. This not only helps make your buying process easier, it makes it much faster.

Our Lowest Price

We post our lowest price clearly on the window of every new and used vehicle, so there’s no need to haggle. Whether you’re an experienced buyer or a first-time shopper, you can be sure you’re getting our lowest price without having to work for it. Imagine everyone paying the same fair price for the same car. Well that’s how it is here at Beaverton INFINITI. Definitely a stress-free way to buy!

Beaverton INFINITI

Beaverton INFINITI, Southwest Canyon Road, Portland, OR, USA

Beaverton INFINITI is located at: 9500 SW Canyon Rd. • Portland, OR 97225
Beaverton INFINITI 38.315630, -105.241400.