INFINITI Tire Change, Rotation & Balancing

Here at Beaverton INFINITI, our customers are our priority. When it comes to ensuring that your INFINITI continues to perform to its utmost capabilities, service and maintenance is key. As such, tire rotations are essential.

Our Beaverton INFINITI Service Center offers a variety of services to help Beaverton, Portland and Hillsboro area drivers enjoy their INFINITI models for as long as possible. From oil and filter changes to brake service to tire rotation and more, our expert service technicians are eager to make sure that your INFINITI is as good as new.

But what exactly happens during tire rotation service and what makes it so important?

INFINITI Tire Rotation Service Near Portland, OR

Your INFINITI tires are what help you to go every single day, and they need the same amount of care and attention as the inner workings of your INFINITI.

A tire rotation is exactly what it sounds like — our technicians will rotate your tires to different spots on your INFINITI, ensuring that they wear evenly. Uneven tread on your tires can potentially become dangerous, so it’s best to stay on top of how often you bring your INFINITI in for a rotation.

You should bring your INFINITI in for a tire rotation typically after 5,000 to 6,000 miles of driving or whenever you change your oil.

The Importance of INFINITI Tire Rotation Patterns

The benefits of having your tires rotated regularly include longer tread life, even tread wear for all tires, improved gas mileage, optimized tire performance and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The telltale signs that your INFINITI needs a tire rotation include uneven wear on the front and back tires or experiencing steering wheel vibration at highway speeds. Tire alignment services are also crucial to maintaining your safety as well as your vehicle’s performance.

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If you need to bring your INFINITI in for tire rotation service, you can schedule a service appointment with us right away. You may also be able to save on your next service visit with our INFINITI service specials.

If you have any questions about tire rotation or any of the other INFINITI services we provide at our service center, feel free to contact us at Beaverton INFINITI. We proudly serve drivers throughout the Portland, OR area, including Beaverton, Hillsboro, and beyond.

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