Shock and Strut Services Near Portland

Visit our Portland Service Center to experience the best automotive service in the Portland and Beaverton area. Even if you don’t own an INFINITI our team services all makes and models to help the community maximize their vehicle’s potential and lifespan.

Your INFINITI’s shocks and struts are important pieces to its suspension system. Generally, shock and strut services require replacement in order to keep your suspension in good shape. 

Why are Shock and Strut Services Important?

Your INFINITI’s suspension system does two things: manage the handling of your vehicle on the road and improve comfort by minimizing the amount of bumps and vibrations felt for passengers. 

With increased usage and overall wear-and-tear, key parts like ball joints, tire-rod ends and bushings can become overworked and need to be replaced. Constantly running over potholes or curbs may rapidly increase the general time needed before shock and strut services are required. 

Not only can worn-in shocks and struts affect how smooth your ride can be, it can also be potentially dangerous when it comes to the handling and safety of your vehicle. If your vehicle has gone about 50,000 miles without receiving shock and strut services, it may be time to contact our service department. 

If your vehicle is unusually bumpy or pulling in a specific direction, we strongly suggest that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

Schedule Shock and Strut Services With Portland Service Center

If your vehicle is in need of shock and strut services, schedule a service appointment with us at our Portland Service Center. 

If you have any questions about shock and strut services or any other automotive services, maintenance or repairs you may need, be sure to contact us at Beaverton INFINITI. We look forward to seeing you at our service center soon!

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